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George Salmon is a conductor and baritone based in London. He is currently serving as Musical Director of the London Philanthropic Orchestra, Phoenix Choir of Crawley and Sittingbourne Orpheus Choral Society, as well as singing bass in the Sonare vocal quartet. He is highly sought-after for his expressive performances, technical excellence and poise. 

George began playing music at the age of 3, when he took up the violin. Since then he has gone on to perform in prestigious venues such as the Royal Festival Hall and Barbican Centre, and has given concerts in France, Germany, Spain and Bulgaria. George has studied conducting with world-renowned tutors including Colin Metters, Peter Stark and Jorma Panula, and voice with Alison Wells of the Royal College of Music. Through his work with the London Philanthropic Orchestra, which he founded in 2018, George has helped to raise thousands of pounds for a range of different charities.

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